Emergency Response Team

Each shift shall have an Emergency Response Team (ERT) composed of one operator from each production area and maintenance. The Fire & Safety Specialist is a member of the ERT and will take the lead over all ERT functions. ERT membership will be voluntary, but assignment of personnel may be made by the Unit Superintendent when needs of the business dictate. Terms of duty on the ERT will be three calendar years and all members may remain indefinitely.

The primary purpose of the ERT is to protect the employees and property of Qatar Chemical Company's Mesaieed facility. But, at times response to outside events may be required and all ERT members are expected to respond and participate as needed.

ERT members will receive training in all recognized venues of emergency response (Fire, Haz-Mat, Emergency Medical Treatment, Rescue and Environmental Protection). The training will be guided, monitored, and approved by the Sr. Safety & Emergency Response Specialist. Training will be received both in-plant, at the Fire Training Grounds, and out of plant at a recognized emergency responder training facility such as Texas A&M University. All training will be conducted to ensure capable and competent responders are available when needed. This will be a continuous improvement process that will focus on the needs of:

  • The individual responder
  • The shift ERT, and
  • The ERT as a whole

To ensure the personal and professional development of the ERT responder all of the following is considered mandatory to ERT membership:

  • Response to all emergencies (while at work)
  • Response to all drills
  • Attendance at all scheduled training sessions