What is Qatarization?

Qatarization is the strategic governmental initiative that aims to increase the number of Qatari nationals employed in both the private and public sectors. At a company level, Qatarization is the process whereby organizations, like Q-Chem, establish programs to achieve industry-wide targets that seek to recruit Qatari nationals in 50% of positions in the Energy and Industry sector of the country.

In light of the QNV 2030 and in support of the National Development Strategy, Qatarization continues to be one of Q-Chem’s key commitments. We recruit, develop and retain highly competent Qatari talents. Our “Total Quality in Qatarization” objective is strongly linked to individual performance and proven competencies that relate to meeting our operational requirements and organizational success. We offer a wide range of capacity-building programs to prepare, attract and develop Qatari nationals for careers at Q-Chem. We also foster younger Qatari individuals so that they may eventually benefit from our initiatives.


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