Safety Strategies


Q-Chem is committed to safety systems that are primarily self-driven towards achieving a world class safety performance. The vision of zero accidents aimed towards the path of safety excellence is geared to most of the international safety standards.

Annual safety objectives are established and are steered by the management who exhibit a strong and successful leadership. Management sets the tone, participates, and applies the value of safety performance in goal setting. Safety standards are integrated with our operational dynamics and propelled by a safety committed multi-national workforce, towards a sustained growth and progress.

Standards Programs

Compliance to the local regulations, international safety standards are our prime business obligations. All the business decisions are made with safety factors from planning of processes to delivery of our products. Risk studies are undertaken to identify hazards and recommend control measures during various manufacturing stages. The fundamental principle of personnel competency, rigorous implementation and conformity to the required competency standards to accomplish safety goals are part of our safety operational strategies.

QSAFE a proactive observation process is also currently in place to improve and modify the at risk behavioral pattern of some employees. A dedicated QSAFE Steering Committee functions to monitor, capture and analyze such behavioral patterns to effect a safety cultural transition. Safety tool box meetings and safety meetings are essential tasks that are conducted as an educative opportunity for employees, in addition to the skills development and training programs.

Verification monitoring

Audits are conducted periodically to verify the effectiveness of the safety systems in place including the PSM programs. Gap analysis and areas of improvement are identified and appropriate corrective actions are made for continual improvement.

In this way we aim to achieve a safety performance we can be proud of sustain the confidence of customers, shareholders and society at large.